Album of the Day: Mott The Hoople (9/8/72)

51rJeoUl0ZL._SL160_Guitarists Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs were the core of British hard rockers Mott The Hoople. Despite a series of respectable albums in the early 70s, they just weren’t able to put together that elusive breakthrough album, and Ralphs went to form Bad Company and Hunter to a solo career in the mid-70s. But before they left, however, Mott did release a gem, All The Young Dudes on September 8, 1972. With creative direction and production help from David Bowie, Mott glammed up their act, toned down (but only slightly) their straight-ahead, loud rock ‘n roll and produced a terrific record that snuck into Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Albums of All Time and #491. The album features a great cover of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane,” the classic Bowie-penned title track, and Ralph’s own “Ready For Love/After Lights,” which he reworked for Bad Company’s 1974 debut album. Mott will always be remembered as the hardest rocking band that never made it to stardom. But their influence outlived them in the early punk-rockers and the glam-rock and hair-bands of the late 70s. Mott The Hoople will be in Dr. Rock’s Playlist Vault soon and All The Young Dudes is available for download or as a CD.


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