Album of the Day: Queen (9/4/73)

414AZA3YMSL._SL160_Some bands hit it big right out of the box (The Doors, Eagles, Boston, to name three). Others labored below the radar for several years before issuing a chart buster (Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd come to mind). Queen found the middle ground. Their first three albums, Queen (released today in 1973), Queen II (April 1974) and Sheer Heart Attack (November 1974) made progressive movement up the charts and set the stage for the band’s breakthrough album, A Night At The Opera (December 1975), which catapulted Queen to global superstardom. The debut album, Queen was a hard rock and heavy metal affair that hinted at the campy theatrics and overblown sonics that were coming on the following albums. Queen was largely overlooked by critics upon its release and only made #24 in the U.K. and #83 in the U.S. The album contained only one charting song, “Keep Yourself Alive”, and several other memorable but non-charting songs. In all, however, it is one of the most underappreciated debut albums, but it ultimately achieved gold status when later Queen albums pushed new found fans to explore the albums that led to the band’s widespread recognition. Queen is available on Amazon and iTunes and a Queen playlist is in Dr. Rock’s Playlist Vault.


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