Album of the Day: Jefferson Airplane (8/22/89)


From Dr. Rock’s What Were Those Guys Thinking department comes Jefferson Airplane, the self-titled, one-time reunion album from that groundbreaking 60s psychedelic rock group that morphed into a slickly produced, arena rock band Jefferson Starship in 70s and 80s. Founder Marty Balin, singer Grace Slick, bassist Jack Casady and guitarists Jorma Kaukonen and Paul Kantner got back together 16 years after the last Airplane LP (minus original drummer Spencer Dryden, who was left out due to a lingering feud). The resulting August 22, 1989 release is a mediocre collection of tunes that have strong hints of the old Airplane, but don’t deliver the fire that burned two decades before on such great albums as Surrealistic Pillow and Volunteers. The trite ode to 1969, “Summer Of Love,” fails to recapture the spirit of the old Airplane, and the poppy “True Love” is just another Starship AOR retread. The rest of the songs are interesting but hardly memorable and make for what sounds more like another Starship album than an Airplane revival. Not that the five Starship albums from 1974 to 1979 weren’t solid collections. They were, and represent peak Starship arena pop-rock with a dozen or more hits like “Miracles,” “Play On Love” and “St. Charles.” That formula was becoming a bit stale in the mid-80s. The band’s attempt to resurrect their long-gone 60s success missed the mark.  Jefferson Airplane is available on Amazon but not iTunes, and a combined Airplane/Starship playlist is in Dr. Rock’s Playlist Vault.


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    If so, then check this out!

    Cheers, Dr. Rock

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