Album of the Day: Gene Vincent (8/13/56)


In the mid-50s, albums were generally not the norm. Seven-inch, 45 rpm vinyl ruled. With few exceptions, 50s (and early 60s) albums were quickly thrown together to capitalize on a recent hit single or two, plus several decent covers and four or five throwaway cuts. Against that grain, Capitol Records issued a very early and very rare gem on August 13, 1956 by Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps. Bluejean Bop! came out less than 15 months after Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock” climbed to #1 and became known as the de facto “song that started it all.”  Vincent’s debut record was as typically disjointed as most early rock albums, but minus the cheap filler and without “Be-Bop-A-Lula”, his signature song that hit the radio waves just a few months before the album and within plenty of time for inclusion.  Instead, Bluejean Bop! shines in its simplicity of raw, unfiltered, unencumbered, Blue Cap-only rock ‘n roll and rockabilly that rivals the two great Elvis Presley albums that were released about the same time. Bluejean Bop! is available on Amazon and iTunes. Gene Vincent is included in Dr. Rock Playlist Vault in the “Birth of Rock ‘n Roll” playlist.


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