Album of the Day: Psychedelic Furs (7/30/91)


The Psychedelic Furs formed in London in the late 1970s and were far more influenced by the British punk scene than by the psychedelic rock of a decade earlier that their name implies.  And they weren’t hard-core punkers in the slashing, all-out style of the Sex Pistols or The Clash. The Furs delivered a mix of punk’s raw simplicity with modern pop sounds, placing them closer to The Cure and reminiscent of Bowie and Roxy Music. An instant hit in the U.K. with five straight Top 30 albums, it took several tries and two memorable singles, “Pretty In Pink” and “Love My Way” to break the group in America in the early 80s. The Furs broke up in 1992 and reformed in 2000. The final album from their first incarnation, World Outside (released July 30, 1991), is as good as any Furs work and spun off the college radio and Billboard Modern Rock charts Top 20 hits “Until She Comes” and “Don’t Be A Girl.” World Outside is available for purchase as a CD or individual mp3 files on Amazon and as iPod files on iTunes. A Psychedelic Furs playlist is planned for Dr. Rock’s Playlist Vault.



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