Vintage Video: The Grass Roots (1969)

TheGrassRoots1969 (WinCE)

Click here for a double-shot video of The Grass Roots performing two of their late-60s hits, “Bella Linda” and “Midnight Confessions,” on what appears to be Playboy After Dark (is that pipe-smoking stud-type Hugh Hefner on the right in the audience shots?). There were several incarnations of The Grass Roots between 1966 and 1975, each barely related to its predecessor but able to chart multiple AM pop hits. Somewhat like the Monkees, they were a manufactured band, in this case led by songwriter P.F. Sloan (he wrote “Eve Of Destruction” and others) and career-producer Steve Barri (he produced “Midnight Confessions”, and countless other 60s/70s/80s hits and bands). Enjoy!


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