Album of the Day: Meat Puppets (7/9/91)


The Meat Puppets formed in the early 80s when Arizonan brothers Cris (bass) and Curt Kirkwood (guitar and chief songwriter) joined Derrick Bostrom (drums) in a punk-rock band, even as the punk music scene was splintering and the post-punk New Wave was gaining strength on the airwaves and in clubs. But unlike most other punker wannabe bands of those day, the ‘Pups managed to create a sustainable if ever-changing sound. From hardcore punk on their 1982 debut to early “cowpunk” (country-tinged punk) on 1984’s Meat Puppets II to the psychedelia on Mirage and the Tex-Mex flavor (a la ZZ Top) of Huevos, both from 1987, the band delivered an eclectic blend of hard rock, country-rock, blues and Southwestern influences throughout the 80s. Their seventh album and first on a major label, Forbidden Places (July 9, 1991), brought it all together and became one of their finest albums. It’s available on Amazon.



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