Album of the Day: Duster Bennett (7/8/68)


The blues were invented in the U.S., but blues-rock has its roots in the U.K. And one of the earliest but least heralded British blues-rockers was Duster Bennett, whose album Smiling Like I’m Happy was released on July 8, 1968. Bennett was a one-man band on most of the album, playing drums, guitar and harmonica simultaneously. Members of then-blues-rock band Fleetwood Mac back him on the remainder. Bennett delivered six solo albums between 1968 and his untimely death in a car wreck in 1976. He appeared frequently on several BBC radio programs that showcased rock music and during the early 70s was a member of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (along with such notables as Eric Clapton, Peter Green and John McVie of Fleetwood Mac, and Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones, among others). Smiling Like I’m Happy is out of print (buy it if you can!) but a good collection of Bennett’s work, The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions, is available as a CD and mp3 tracks on Amazon and iPod tracks on iTunes.


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